From the Grounds Committee: Clean Up Day Report, Volunteers Needed and Tree Planting            

Thank you to all the volunteers whose hard work made our April 17th Spring Clean-up Day very successful. I think we all enjoyed the perfect weather and being able to work alongside our friends and neighbors. We were able to spread mulch, pull weeds, edge part of the boulevard walk, define garden edges, clean storm drains, and seed some bare areas. Thank you to Don Pilcher for graciously providing the funds for snacks and water to keep us going. 

The Windsor Road Crew – Jessica LaRosa, Paulette and Jim Cantrell, Chad Beckett, John and Therese Quarton, Doug West, Ching Muyot, Janis Grace, and Phil Huchel along with his very helpful son and daughter.                 

The High Cross Crew – Diane Durbin, Dave Tjaden, Cindy Capek, Ed Harvey, Otis Williams, Suzanne Leifer, Randy Blackman, and Carolyn and Jim Wanagat                 

Storm Drain Crew – Dolly and David Strausser.                                 

The grounds committee currently has two tasks for which we a seeking volunteers: 

  • There are several locations where the Stone Creek Blvd. sidewalk intersects a street.  Some of these locations have small stop signs attached to wooden posts.  We are seeking a volunteer to scrape and paint these posts.  The HOA will supply the materials necessary.
  • The ornamental crab trees on the boulevard grow many troublesome suckers from their roots.  One way to stop this problem is to cut the suckers and then apply a product called “Sucker Punch” to the exposed area.  The product is applied to each cut with a small brush – a somewhat tedious job; but could be enjoyable on a nice day with some good music, or a friend to work with. We are looking for a volunteer to take on this project.

The Grounds Committee work continues throughout the growing season, so let us know if you are interested in being on our list of helpers.  We have something going on every week. Contact Jessica LaRosa,, to volunteer. 

Additionally, tree planting has begun. Locations are being marked and planted based on scheduling. The City is watering and mulching trees as they are planted and will continue watering the first year. After all planting has been completed, individuals who purchased trees will receive a letter from the City concerning long term care.

Thanks to everyone for making Stone Creek a little greener! 

Your Grounds Committee,   

Jessica LaRosa, Diane Durbin, Isabel Cole, Cindy Capek, Paulette Cantrell, and Chris Billing

Golf Course Update

Improvements and construction have begun on the Golf Course. Residents are reminded to refrain from walking on the golf course cart paths or anywhere on the course grounds. There is heavy equipment working in many areas and it can be potentially dangerous. Please use the sidewalk in the median of Stone Creek Blvd. for walking and jogging!  It is anticipated that the course will reopen for golf in late summer or early autumn.