Dear New Stone Creek Homeowner,

On behalf of the Stone Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association (HOA) and its Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to our wonderful community. We are so pleased that you decided to live in Stone Creek, and we hope that you will enjoy the many amenities close to us such as walking and biking paths, and our proximity to many local parks, grocery stores, pharmacies, downtown Urbana, as well as the University of Illinois. Below are some important information items about our subdivision and HOA.

The HOA has an annual assessment that is used primarily for the maintenance of the Commons Areas, which are principally the medians along Stone Creek Boulevard as it winds its way from Windsor Road to High Cross Road. We maintain one pond at the Windsor Road entrance and some of the flower beds at the Windsor Road and High Cross Road entrances. The annual assessment is presently $150 and is payable in January of each year. The HOA meets in October to discuss pertinent subdivision business.

Homeowners and vacant lot owners are reminded that all lots (whether occupied by a residence or vacant) shall be maintained at all times free of weeds, high grass, and debris. Neither the Golf Course nor the HOA is responsible for mowing vacant lots as this is the responsibility of the owner of the lot.

We have an Architectural Committee, which reviews not only your initial building and home plans but also must review and approve any significant changes to the outside of your home that might occur in the future. The Covenants and Bylaws are available on the website to allow you to familiarize yourself with them (see the tab "Covenants & Bylaws"). There is a section about the role of the Architectural Review Board and Architectural Restrictions that we would like you to read carefully.

Other Important Information:

  • The City of Urbana provides us with Recycling Services on Tuesday of every week unless there is a holiday.  Garbage pickup is the responsibility of the individual homeowner.  Pickup is generally on Tuesdays along with recycling.  There are many excellent providers at
         On the above website, you can also find information about The City of Urbana’s Recycling Program under Recycling (U-Cycle), Refuse,                and Sustainability.  The city will provide you with a large recycling cannister called a U-Cart that is listed under, ‘Need a Recycling Cart.’  A          Monday or Tuesday holiday postpones the recycling pickup day to Wednesday of the holiday week.  The charge for recycling is billed                every other month on your sewer bill, which is issued by the Urbana and Champaign Sanitary District.

  • There are several Internet Groups that often have information about service providers in our area.  They are Nextdoor Neighbor, Nextdoor Stone Creek, and Nextdoor Digest and all have websites that you might find helpful. 

  • Please make sure that we have your contact name, address, phone number, and primary email address. You can send your information to our treasurer, Linda Matkowski, at 

We are so happy to have you as a member of the Stone Creek community and for you to join us in our efforts to maintain and beautify this area that we all call home.

The Stone Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association