April Updates

From the Grounds Committee: Clean Up Day Report, Volunteers Needed and Tree Planting            

Thank you to all the volunteers whose hard work made our April 17th Spring Clean-up Day very successful. I think we all enjoyed the perfect weather and being able to work alongside our friends and neighbors. We were able to spread mulch, pull weeds, edge part of the boulevard walk, define garden edges, clean storm drains, and seed some bare areas. Thank you to Don Pilcher for graciously providing the funds for snacks and water to keep us going. 

The Windsor Road Crew – Jessica LaRosa, Paulette and Jim Cantrell, Chad Beckett, John and Therese Quarton, Doug West, Ching Muyot, Janis Grace, and Phil Huchel along with his very helpful son and daughter.                 

The High Cross Crew – Diane Durbin, Dave Tjaden, Cindy Capek, Ed Harvey, Otis Williams, Suzanne Leifer, Randy Blackman, and Carolyn and Jim Wanagat                 

Storm Drain Crew – Dolly and David Strausser.                                 

The grounds committee currently has two tasks for which we a seeking volunteers: 

  • There are several locations where the Stone Creek Blvd. sidewalk intersects a street.  Some of these locations have small stop signs attached to wooden posts.  We are seeking a volunteer to scrape and paint these posts.  The HOA will supply the materials necessary.
  • The ornamental crab trees on the boulevard grow many troublesome suckers from their roots.  One way to stop this problem is to cut the suckers and then apply a product called “Sucker Punch” to the exposed area.  The product is applied to each cut with a small brush – a somewhat tedious job; but could be enjoyable on a nice day with some good music, or a friend to work with. We are looking for a volunteer to take on this project.

The Grounds Committee work continues throughout the growing season, so let us know if you are interested in being on our list of helpers.  We have something going on every week. Contact Jessica LaRosa,  shawlarosa@gmail.com, to volunteer. 

Additionally, tree planting has begun. Locations are being marked and planted based on scheduling. The City is watering and mulching trees as they are planted and will continue watering the first year. After all planting has been completed, individuals who purchased trees will receive a letter from the City concerning long term care.

Thanks to everyone for making Stone Creek a little greener! 

Your Grounds Committee,   

Jessica LaRosa, Diane Durbin, Isabel Cole, Cindy Capek, Paulette Cantrell, and Chris Billing

Golf Course Update

Improvements and construction have begun on the Golf Course. Residents are reminded to refrain from walking on the golf course cart paths or anywhere on the course grounds. There is heavy equipment working in many areas and it can be potentially dangerous. Please use the sidewalk in the median of Stone Creek Blvd. for walking and jogging!  It is anticipated that the course will reopen for golf in late summer or early autumn.  

Spring Has Sprung

Ongoing Grounds Maintenance 

The Grounds Committee would like to ask for volunteers to become part of a grounds maintenance crew to work throughout the summer to keep the HOA grounds looking beautiful.  This would involve tasks such as periodic weeding, planting flower beds, minor tree trimming, and watering when necessary.  Please email Jessica LaRosa at shawlarosa@gmail.com  if you would like to be part of this exciting and fun group!

Atkins Golf Club at the University of Illinois Updates

 Equipment has been mobilized and work has started to remove silt from the lake on holes 3 and 10/18.  The irrigation pond on hole 3 is a top priority due to the pond’s impact on the irrigation system.  As part of the process, the lakes on holes 3, 9 and 10/18 will be impacted.

  • Drew Rogers is the architect for the renovation.  We feel great about the collaboration with Drew and we are currently fine-tuning the renovation plan.
  • The current plan is to start renovation construction early to mid-March.
  • As a reminder, for the safety of all, we ask that people use the neighborhood walking paths as opposed to the golf course cart paths.
  • The DIA is on the verge of hiring the management company for the Atkins Golf Club at the University of Illinois.  The company will be responsible for the operation of the golf shop and maintenance of the 18-hole facility.
  • Progress continues to be made in identifying the best fit for the restaurant/catering operator of Atkins Golf Club.  We are excited to form a great partnership and to provide a dining experience that will be enjoyed by golfers, residents and the general community.
  • DIA is moving forward with a plan to reestablish the lot lines of the seven lots off Windsor Road (G147-153).  The plan is to remove the drainage ditch from the property line and further develop a tree line just north of the ditch.  
  • As part of the rebranding from Stone Creek Golf Club to Atkins Golf Club at the University of Illinois, we will be updating the signage off Windsor Road (by Hole 12 tee box and on the NE corner of Stone Creek Blvd and Windsor).  These updates will not impact the HOA Stone Creek signage on the west side of Stone Creek Blvd by the pond.
  • Questions can be emailed to StoneCreekHOA@illinois.edu

Tree Planting Program

A big thank you goes out to all the homeowners who donated trees through the Tree Planting cooperative effort with the City of Urbana . The chart which follows lists the donors, locations and species. In most instances trees are being planted closest to the purchaser with the exception of the two trees purchased by the Soucie's, which will be located on the Boulevard near Smith Road. Cindy Capek and Ed Harvey live close to this area and will take care of watering these two trees.  Planting will take place in the spring and donors will receive a letter from the City of Urbana asking for their assistance on watering their tree.

Tree List Chart.pdf

Welcome Letter

Dear New Stone Creek Homeowner,

On behalf of the Stone Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association (HOA) and its Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to our wonderful community. We are so pleased that you decided to live in Stone Creek, and we hope that you will enjoy the many amenities close to us such as walking and biking paths, and our proximity to many local parks, grocery stores, pharmacies, downtown Urbana, as well as the University of Illinois. Below is some important information about our subdivision and HOA.

The HOA has an annual assessment that is used primarily for the maintenance of the Commons Areas, which are principally the medians along Stone Creek Boulevard as it winds its way from Windsor Road to High Cross Road. We maintain one pond at the Windsor Road entrance and some of the flower beds at the Windsor Road and High Cross Road entrances. The annual assessment is presently $125 and is payable in January of each year. The HOA meets in September/October to discuss pertinent subdivision business.

Homeowners and vacant lot owners are reminded that all  lots (whether occupied by a residence or vacant) shall be maintained at all times free of weeds, high grass, and debris. Neither the Golf Course nor the HOA is responsible for mowing vacant lots as this is the responsibility of the owner of the lot.

We have an Architectural Committee, which reviews not only your initial building and home plans but also must review and approve any significant changes to the outside of your home that might occur in the future. The Covenants and Bylaws are available on the website to allow you to familiarize yourself with them (see the tab "Covenants & Bylaws"). There is a section about the role of the Architectural Review Board and Architectural Restrictions that we would like you to read carefully.

Other Important Information:

  • The City of Urbana provides us with Recycling Services on Tuesday of every week unless there is a holiday.  Garbage pickup is the responsibility of the individual homeowner.  Pickup is generally on Tuesdays along with recycling.  There are many excellent providers at www.urbanaillinois.us/GarbageHaulers
         On the above website, you can also find information about The City of Urbana’s Recycling Program under Recycling (U-Cycle), Refuse,                and Sustainability.  The city will provide you with a large recycling cannister called a U-Cart that is listed under, ‘Need a Recycling Cart.’  A          Monday or Tuesday holiday postpones the recycling pickup day to Wednesday of the holiday week.  The charge for recycling is billed                every other month on your sewer bill, which is issued by the Urbana and Champaign Sanitary District.

  • There are several Internet Groups that often have information about service providers in our area.  They are Nextdoor Neighbor, Nextdoor Stone Creek, and Nextdoor Digest and all have websites that you might find helpful. 

  • Please make sure that we have your contact name, address, phone number, and primary email address. You can send your information to our treasurer, Michael Krickl, at StoneCreekUrbana.HOA@yahoo.com

We are so happy to have you as a member of the Stone Creek community and for you to join us in our efforts to maintain and beautify this area that we all call home.

The Stone Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association

Covenants & Bylaws

Click on the link below to access a copy of the Covenants.

Covenants (Revised March 11, 2020).pdf

Click on the link below to access a copy of the Bylaws.

Bylaws (Revised February 14, 2020).pdf

Maps & Plats

Fall Newsletter


We recently received a number of emails concerning aggressive behavior of dogs while residents are walking in the neighborhoods of Stone Creek.

Since Stone Creek is located within the city limits of Urbana, the city's policy on dogs is controlling.

Please take a minute to read below, some of the city's rules regarding dogs.

Every owner of any dog kept in the city limits, or who harbors a dog on the premises owned or occupied by that person in the city limits, shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian in compliance with the State Animal Control Act (510 ILCS 5/1 et seq.), and to keep the dog properly tagged showing continuing compliance with this section. If a vaccine capable of conferring immunity for more than one year is used, additional tags designating those years shall be obtained and displayed.

Every owner of a dog within the city limits of Urbana shall keep a collar or harness with the proper rabies tag on the dog. The identification tag shall contain the owner's name and address. Any dog or cat found within city limits without a required collar or harness and tag, or without required identification, shall be subject to impoundment.

No owner of any dog shall permit such animal to run at large or to be on any public right-of-way or property other than that of the owner or a dog-park designated by the park district without being securely restrained by a leash or other physical means.

Any dog running at large is hereby declared a nuisance and may be impounded as provided in this division.

If a dog is on the owner's property, it is at large if it is not contained on the property by means of a fence, chain, leash, competent supervision, or other visible means of restraint sufficient to protect persons or animals not on that property.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Residents need to feel safe when walking in the neighborhood! You may believe that your pet is harmless, but children and others do not need to feel threatened when an unleashed or unfenced dog approaches them, especially in an aggressive manner.

News from the Grounds Committee

Thank you to all of those who worked on our first Community Beautification Day. It was a great success and we are planning a repeat in the spring. It was so nice to meet new neighbors and see the grounds continue to improve.

At the Annual Meeting, Robert Taylor spoke briefly about two ongoing projects – the Tree Planting cooperative effort with the City of Urbana and the Stone Creek Adopt an Island/Garden initiative.

Residents who are interested in helping the HOA add 40 trees to the boulevard can contribute any amount of money towards the effort through our Stone Creek HOA “GoFundMe” page. Click on the following link --- https://www.gofundme.com/f/stone-creek-hoa-tree-planting-fund

For each $125 contributed, the City will provide one planted tree and a watering bag. A donation of $125 allows you to select the type of tree from an approved list and indicate a preferred planting location. Donations must be made by December 15 so that trees can be ordered for spring planting. For more details please contact Jessica LaRosa @  shawlarosa@gmail.com    Jessica will Chair the Grounds Committee for the next two years.

Our Adopt an Island/Garden initiative will launch after the first of the year, so look for volunteer opportunities at that time.

This fall we took down the last dead tree on the boulevard, laid sod at the High Cross Rd. entrance, and began seeding bare spots on the boulevard. Our watering crew is working hard and hoping for rain.

News from the Annual Meeting

Another special thank you goes out to the "Weeders" group who devoted countless hours throughout the spring and summer to planting, weeding, watering and fertilizing the flowers and plants along Stone Creek Blvd. The landscaping looked well-loved and added a welcoming touch to the community.

The Annual Meeting was held by Zoom on Tuesday, October 13. There were approximately 90 devices logged into the meeting. It is difficult to tell how many households were in attendance as two people from the same household may have been attending from different devices. Spencer suggested that he thought the turnout exceeded that of most meetings held in prior years. Copies of the agenda and the Treasurer's financial report for 2020 and budget for 2021 were emailed to all owners the day before the meeting.

After establishing that a quorum existed, Tom Roth called the meeting to order, highlighted the process of using Zoom technology for asking questions during the meeting and discussed the pending HOA election. (The election has since taken place electronically through Election Buddy technology on Wednesday and Thursday, October 14 and 15.)

Robert Taylor discussed Grounds maintenance as completed for 2020 and the plans for 2021. His report also included two new programs for additional median maintenance and tree planting. (Read more about these programs in the “News from the Grounds Committee” article above.) A special thank you to Robert who Chaired the Grounds Committee from May until the Annual Meeting. Robert decided not to seek re-election.

Mike Krickl presented the financial report for the 2020 operations of the HOA and the Board approved budget for 2021. The budget will set the dues assessment for 2021 at $125.00 per lot. The assessment for 2021 will be invoiced by email after the first of the year.

Jon Reichard followed with his report on Architectural matters. His report highlighted the need to review plans for landscape modifications and changes to existing homes in addition to the need to review for new homes to be built. Since the turnover at March 1, no new homes have been started which would require approval. All the Committee’s reviews to date have dealt with fences and other modifications. The Committee has handled all requests promptly and pledges to do the same going forward.

The U of I was represented by presentations from Cassie Arner (Sr. Associate Athletic Director) and Jackie Szymoniak (Assistant Athletic Director-Golf Operations & Director of Men's Golf Operations).

Cassie discussed the marketing plans for the lots donated by TAG and its initial offering of those lots to existing homeowners at discounted prices before opening them to the general public. This link will take you to the University website listing the lots for sale.

Jackie discussed the plans for the golf course, restaurant and facilities. From her presentation, it is safe to say much will be happening this fall, next spring and early summer as there will be a lot of redesign and reconstruction. Additionally, many resources will be allocated to the ponds on the course as well as the bunkers. The ponds will be dredged and treated. Bunkers will be added and relocated. The term "championship quality course" was repeatedly mentioned. A big take away is the course grounds will not be open for walkers after November 1, 2020. With all the planned construction, the safety of walkers is of utmost importance. Additionally, when the course is reopened in the late summer of next year, the use of the golf course grounds exclusively for golfing, will resume. Therefore, the HOA suggests that walkers change their walking patterns to the sidewalks and walkways on the medians of Stone Creek Blvd. as it winds its way from Windsor to High Cross.

An additional thank you to Chad Beckett who "hosted" the Zoom meeting and for handling the questions submitted electronically.

Tom Roth thanked all those who presented and those who participated. He adjourned the meeting at around 8:30.

Board of Directors

Tom Roth     (President)     troth@primelending.com

Chad Beckett     (Vice President)     chad@beckettlawpc.com

Jessica LaRosa    (Chair of Grounds Committee)    217-840-7429    shawlarosa@gmail.com

Jon Reichard     (Chair of Architecture Committee)     jreichard@ar-mech.com 

Brandyn Mason     (Secretary)     brwmason0714@gmail.com

Spencer Atkins     (Director/Member of Architecture Committee)     Spencer@atkinsgroup.com 

Michael Krickl    (Treasurer/Director of Communications)    815-404-6762    StoneCreekUrbana.HOA@yahoo.com   


The Grounds Committee oversees and facilitates maintenance of all common areas of the Subdivision.

The Architecture Committee reviews all proposed building plans for new homes and modifications to existing homes for compliance to the Covenants and restrictions, and any waivers granted by the Architecture Committee.


Please make checks payable to:

Stone Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association

c/o Michael Krickl CPA, Treasurer

2410 Stricker Lane

Urbana, IL 61802

If you have any questions about the HOA, our website, annual assessments, or if you need a paid assessment letter at the time of selling your home or lot, please direct your inquiry to Mike at StoneCreekUrbana.HOA@yahoo.com or call him at 815-404-6762.

Article Archive

Document Archive

Click on any of the links below to access copies of original governing documents before being replaced on May 5, 2020.

These documents are no longer in effect.

Subdivision-No.-1(dated 8/21/1997).pdf

Subdivision-No.-1-First-Amendment(dated 1/9/1998).pdf

Subdivision-No.-2(dated 8/16/2005).pdf