Annual Meeting Announcement

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Stone Creek Subdivision HOA will be held on Tuesday, October 19 at 7pm. Due to possible Covid restrictions that might apply at that date and for the safety of our owners, we are using Zoom technology rather than meeting in person. We used this technology last year and found it to be convenient, efficient and effective.

Online Zoom Meeting

Each owner will receive an online “invitation to join the meeting” at the email addresses on file with the HOA. That invitation will be sent on the day of the meeting. By simply clicking on the link in that email, each participant will be directed to the Zoom meeting where the host will grant access to the meeting. If there are any problems gaining access, several phone numbers will be made available to call to get assistance. Those phone numbers are  217-840-7101,  217-898-5626,  and 217-493-8578. Owners who have given us more than one email address will receive an invitation at each email address. If anyone would like to receive multiple invitations, please furnish us with alternative email addresses. The email list we will use is the same as the list we use for normal bulk email communications.

Asking Questions

Questions can be raised during the meeting with the interactive technology or by texting a question to one of the phone numbers supplied for access assistance, which are  217-840-7101,  217-898-5626 and  217-493-8578.  Questions may also be emailed in advance of the meeting to any Board member or to the HOA email address which is However, do not send emails to that address during the meeting since that address will not be monitored at that time.

Topics We Expect to Discuss

  • Update status of the Golf Course, restaurant and vacant lots for sale
  • Architectural Committee report
  • Grounds Committee report (including discussion of gardening & weeding, pond erosion and possible installation of a pond fountain; and each’s impact on annual or special assessments)
  • Financial report for 2021
  • Discuss assessment levels for 2022 and potential funding for deferred projects
  • Special Assessment
  • Other topics of interest
  • Election of four (4) Directors to the Board (election using online voting). There will be five (5) candidates to choose from to fill the four (4) positions.
We will provide an agenda the weekend before the meeting along with a meeting reminder.

The Voting Process

Voting and the election of Directors will take place beginning Thursday, October 21, at 8am and will conclude at 5pm Sunday, October 24. We will be using online voting on the “Election Buddy” platform. We used this for the past two elections and have found it to be efficient and reliable.

There are four (4) directors whose two year terms expire at the conclusion of the annual meeting. Those directors are: Spencer Atkins, Chad Beckett, Brandyn Mason and Jon Reichard. All four are seeking re-election. Additionally, Leslie Mason, who served on the original steering committee before the turnover of the HOA to the homeowners, has indicated her willingness to serve and will also be on the ballot. Therefore there will be five (5) candidates to choose from to fill the four (4) positions.

The remaining current Board members, whose terms expire in October 2022, are: Tom Roth, Jessica LaRosa and Mike Krickl. Contact information can be found for each member under the Board of Directors page (tab) on this website.

We welcome and encourage others in the community to serve and participate.

The voting process works like this---

1. At 8am on Thursday, October 21, “Election Buddy” will send an email to a single email address for each lot. (One vote per lot) That email announces that the election is open, invites the owner to vote and links to the ballot. Click on the link and/or follow the stated directions. The ballot is weighted by the number of lots owned by that owner (which is clearly indicated on the ballot). Owners of multiple lots receive one ballot, but cast multiple votes with their single ballot. (Owners with multiple email addresses should read the Note below.)

1. There will be a vote to approve or reject a Special Assessment along with a question regarding attendance at the Annual Meeting. One may also choose to abstain.

2. One may vote for up to four (4) of the five (5) candidates seeking election to the Board. An owner may vote for fewer than four, or may abstain (vote for no candidate).

3. Immediately after casting their vote, owners receive an email from “Election Buddy” confirming their vote has been recorded.

4. After the voting closes, “Election Buddy” sends the results of the online voting to the HOA. The HOA will then email these results to all owners.

5. “Election Buddy” furnishes the HOA complete details of who voted, who failed to vote and total votes on all issues. We are not supplied with how each owner voted. Voting is completely anonymous.

1. Co-owners of lots/homes must determine between themselves how to cast their single ballot.

2. Only one email address can be assigned to each ballot. Owners with multiple email accounts should review each of their email accounts on election day to find the “Election Buddy” notice associated with their lot and ballot.

3. The HOA has made considerable effort to use the email address owners have indicated is their primary email account for HOA matters. If owners have a question about which of their email accounts is being used for the voting process, they should contact the HOA at or call Mike at (815)404-6762.

4. If the “Election Buddy” notice does not arrive by email on the day of the election, owners should check their spam folder or call Mike at 815-404-6762 for assistance.

The voting process is completely confidential and no one has access to how any ballot is cast.

We will continue to update this information as we approach the Annual Meeting, so please check back.

Thank you.